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Many have inspired me, taught me and helped guide me into walking the path of the shaman. What is that path? It is the path of heart, inspiration and connection with The All That Is.  It is my delight to be of service and travel where guided by God, The Light, Spirit. Gino and I have been living full time in a motor home following guidance of where to go and here we are. Our teacher taught us well and even gave us the word Soul Reading. I thought to myself people will think I'm crazy saying that yet I have touched the lives of many as they have touched mine. We are all in this earth mother ship together and together we can bring harmony to and for all. 


What is a Soul Reading?

It is communian with Spirit. We visit the akashic record of your soul agreement and you say what is that? It is simply the energy that surrounds you that we tap into. We can look into past lives or just be present invoking what you seek into this life. Come with questions or just be open to receive the wisdom of your soul channeled through me for you.

What is a Charka Clearing?

We have vibatory centers in our body temples. Here we place our emotion and here we can clear away old thoughts, wounds, pains and fears to open you to become all of that which you innately are. We allow Spirit to channel which chakra needs clearing and the alchemy begins. It is amazing energy that will open you to your own beautiful wisdom. 


What is a guided journey?

Sometimes we simply need to remember to dream. With Spirit afoot we are both guided into the deeper meanings of our life. We are taken to the Stars, the vast Universe and we gather our spirit wisdom and find greater harmony of all things.


What is a Shaman?

Anything you need her to be. With a song in my heart and a smile on my face it is divine energy to journey with you, heal you and guide you to also walk any path that suits your soul. Shamans connect with earth based wisdom and find energy in all things and help you to find the enrgy of who you are. 

 Susan Menanno

 Soul Reader, Shaman, Reiki Master,    Author, Teacher 



Gino Menanno

Etheric Wisdom Reader, Shaman, Mountain Guide, Author, Teacher 

All my life I have worked outdoors and connected with some of the most wild places. Here I sat in the silence and listened to the wind and felt more than I can describe. Then one day a mysterious man crossed my path. Little did I know then what he would remind me of now. So now I teach the Laws of Light and Life and everything you have ever wanted to know about living in peace and respecting all things.


My book " Shape Shifting Stories of Native American History" is all channeled by Susan. We are gudied by Spirit where to go as most of our work is about ascension. Some souls don't  cross directly into the Light so we are guided where needed and they share their stories as we hold hoops of wisdom for them to cross through to make their ascension. The stories amazing, some sad yet the energy of releasing love back into the universe is a delight.


We can share an Etheric Wisdom Reading as you can ask anything about life and I can explain it to you. I share the laws of light and love to remind you we all come from the Light and the Light is in all of us.  I can also take you for a hike and we can sit on the back of earth and allow what comes through to come through for your soul growth. We can visit the sacred medicine wheel and journey through time. And we can share conversation as it is my delight to aid you as and where I can.

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