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Susan Menanno prides herself for connecting with the energy of others and of the very earth we walk. It comes naturally, as natural as being alone in very remote wild places communing with all sentient life. There are always undercurrents to pick up and receive to inspire. Wanting to extend her compassion, her teachers guided Susan to offer Soul Readings. And for decades that is what she has done. When we connect the energy is difficult to describe other than a total sense of peace to receive insights from the past to the now and all that your soul has moved through for many lifetimes. You will feel uplifted as well as inspired as much is released and a healing comes through leaving you at peace within. It truly is my divine honor to work with and for you.


Susan has an unique spiritual gift of connecting to your soul...she is authentic, has a high vibration you can sense when one hears her voice...she has integrity and is positive and loving...


Susan is a powerful shaman. I have had several sessions with her, each one healing, uplifting, and full of new information for reflection. I cannot thank her enough. This is my sincere recommendation.

Bonnie R.


Soul Reading

Come with an open heart. Yes, you can ask questions or you can be open to receive the messages of your soul. Susan connects in with your guides as well as your soul record. We can meet over the phone for 30 minutes; your donation will be $65 or for  60 minutes; your donation will be: $121. For an email reading you can ask three questions and your donation is $65 or you can ask one question or be open to receive with your donation of $33. This can be interactive or you may want to listen and then ask questions. It is an adventure of yourself into past lives regarding the reason you are here today. 

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Chakra Clearing 

We create time either over the phone or through email. Susan moves into your power centers, your chakras; those both within your body as well as those above your head and below your feet. Messages of the past arrive that are brought to your attention then each power center is cleared and filled with healing light of love leaving you uplifted. Your donation is $88.

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Soul Retrieval

First we clear your aura and dust your chakras. We move into our heart space to receive. Susan then receives messages from past lives which often look at past drama as well as evolved life times to see where parts of your soul are stuck and need to come fully back into the present of the here and now. This can take an hour over the phone as well as on email. Plan to be in a meditative state for the retrieval so you can feel at peace and filled with equanimity regarding all that comes through. It all comes through for your soul evolution. Your donation is: $133.

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Spirit Journey

Sometimes you may just want to be totally open to receive all that comes through from your guides. Some of them can be identified, especially those that are here to help you ascend into your totality. Hence sit and relax and receive all that comes through for you. This can take 45 to over 60 minutes on the phone. Many people like email readings as they can read them over and again. Your donation will be $121.

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Throwing Stones

This is quite engaging and very popular. Susan has several medicine bundles full of crystals, stones, gems and unique elements of earth. Again you can ask questions that you may have or be open. The stones speak to Susan as she gathers them from her Medicine Bundles, aligns them and receives their messages just for you. This is done through email only and your donation will be  $25.

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Spirit Walker - A book by Susan Menanno

Susan channeled this book. It is about her many years of living in remote wild places. She communed with the bears, the cougar, the deer and the trees. When in a wilderness alone all of your senses are heightened; couple that with decades of being in some of the most remote wilderness areas. Hence this book brings about the many characters of wisdom that she encountered.

Here’s a small quote from Spirit Walker.

“ … and my tears continued to flow.

‘You cry for all the world spoke Grandmother Wisdom. You feel all of its pain. You know Love is deeply rooted in your soul. The tears will never end yet your heart will heal and so too will the ache of your Spirit. It’s a long walk, isn’t it?”

Yes, I said.

‘And you and I will walk this path until there is no more pain. And one day, one day and that day will come, the day when love resides within All Life, within All Things. Until that day we walk the path, heal in the water, fly through the endless sky of emotion and touch this Earth with grace so that all, for they will, ALL may feel Love beyond their fear, beyond their pain, beyond the anger that poisons their mind. The Path of Love will complete itself. Let’s spend the night here in the hot water spring and tomorrow your ache will be gone and I will show you how to dance with the Elk People.’

Suddenly I exhaled and relaxed more than I had in some time. Her word, her face, her Being and her Love is with me, in me and through me. As my hair grays I begin to know the deepest meaning of Love …

The book is $25 and you will receive an electronic version upon payment.

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