Life's Path

Life is forever changing as it should be for change is our only constant, yes? The sun has been shining very brightly for days as it elevated my soul what with winter solsice approaching. My bike rides longer each day as I am honored to watch the Canadian Geese in flight over the Willamatte River. Their song in flight lifts my spirit. Each morning Raven wakes me at the same time almost laughing at me for she feels I should not be sleeping this long; she says there is much work to do; days are short, get going she says!

Yet this morning's fog slowed me. I wondered what I was fogging over within; what was I not facing up to and move towards. The fog is a place of introspection just like winter is north on the sacred wheel of life. This a time of going within and following Bear Medicine to hibernate for greater truth upon the path of life so come what spring new beginnings can occur.

I sat in silence for what seemed like minutes only to find I had sat under my Oak Tree for over an hour. The Geese sang me over the rainbow and through the fog and there I found myself open to take flight and clear away my doubt to open to greater joy.

I find opening to greater joy is a truly deep process of letting go of worry. Why do we worry? For our worry only attracts what we worry about. Hence this is truly a time, Winter Solstice of going within and hibernate for your truth of who you are and let the world see your True Self.

We've all been told: "to thine own self be true," and this can seem a tall order yet the more truthful you are with yourself the greater harmony you shall have.

This my first blog on my new webiste and with it I hope to encouage you to take a walk down Memory Lane. Hibernate for your Truth and express your passion into this world.

Blessings of Solstice and Full Moon Energy to You this day ~

Susan Menanno