The Mountain So Giving

The Mountain beckoned. Hence I knew it was time to go within the sacred temple of silence and recieve the gifts of Spirit. The sky cleared and the crystal essence of the mountain was a glow. My entire being came alive as I shape shifted from my human body into my LIght body and journeyed wihtin. The amythest was amazing. The water was soothing as it is an elixir for the soul. My being was radiant as I was open to recieve. I sat for what seemed like minutes only to find I had communed for hours, yes hours. Yet another mystery was revealed.

My teacher always took me to places where I could gaze upon Mt Shasta. Just sitting in silence and meditating with open eyes was a joy filled delight. Hours would turn into nothing as the communion was all that mattered.

I was taken to the inner temple once again to be reminded to yes, Let Go. Let God. A tall order when one gets held in doubt wondering if bills can be paid. Yet I am constatnly told to Rise Above. Yet another tall order yet what were my other choices if I don't Rise Above? To stay in doubt and fear which creates anger? Or to move gentely upon the path never looking back but always looking forward. Therein is the balance of it all.

I send you Blessings from the Mountain So Giving. Give all you have and the mircale of The Light will bestow many gifts upon you.


Susan Menanno