The Holy Season

Tis the season of the Holy Days. This the time of year when we honor the shortest day of the year while others honor the longest day of the year. Yet as we all greet the closing of a Year it is a time to reflect back only to take from this year what served a purpose for you; bring that energy forth. And all things that did not serve purpose; build a fire or simply light a candle. Write down on paper what it is you are releasing and keep writing until you are completely satisfied. Now crumble up the paper and toss it in the fire or burn it over the candle. This is a divine way to transmute the old energies of yesterday and not bring them into this moment.

Ceremony is a sacred time to come within and acknowledge your True Self. And you ask what that is? Well it is anythig that makes you feel good about yourself. As so many shop this time of year to give gifts; give your Self the Gife of Your Self by being true to whom you are.

For in the giving IS the receiving. So why not gift yourself what has purpose, meaning and intent while allowing all other things to drift away from your mind so you can witness the joy of your Spirit.

Today I have built a most beautiful fire and I am feeding this transmuting flame with cedar wood. Cedar is cleansing and has a most magnificent scent for it tantilizes the soul. Inhale cedar and allow the purity of this smoke to grace you in every single way.

My gift to you this season is Love. Plant Love in your heart and water it with your joy and together we shall create Heaven right here on Earth.

Happy Solstice and Blessed New Year.