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Today there is a gentle breeze yet the sun is brilliant. The sea is glowing and the creek is running. LIfe on the road is good as we have been guided to land along the Big Sur coast of California. This is one of the most southern reaches of the majestic Redwood Trees.

When we landed here as our journey is guided by Spirit we did say: "What, here?" And Spirit said: "Yes, here." So here we are. Not that it isn't beautiful it is that some old, dark energy lingers and we picked up on it the moment we landed.

What to do? Well we came to do several ascension ceremonies here. Yesterday we sat among the beautiful Redwood Trees. The creek feeds from a limestone spring and is full of water though it has not rained here much at all. Still this a magnificent place for Ceremony.

The drum sang. Tears fell. I have not been able to make it to the mining site here becasue of the darkness. A 100 foot waterfall graces this land and so too did the indigenous Esalen people; a people of great harmony. We invoked the harmony as we cleared this place of old mining and logging energy. Tears fell again and the drum she sang louder then a releasing calmness filled the land as well as our hearts.

Today my energy is intense with delight that so much shifted, souls transcended and my heart sings as my body dances. The Trees thanked us. The creek she sang louder and the land is renewed. Thank YOU Spirit for bringing us here.

As we sit in-bwteeen Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox we are slowly entering Spring Lodge; the lodge of new beginnings. Place your new intentions into the delicate web of life and let us bring greater harmony to earth and all life.

Praise be to Thee.