The Great Mystery

As I walked along the ocean shore my mind wondered and than I began to wonder about the mystery called life. What keeps crossing the horizon of my mind is the question: what is karmic debt? As I stewed on that thought the ocean captured my complete attention as a huge wave crashed and got me wet. So I smiled only to keep walking and contemplating.

Then it dawned on me that we continually repeat patterns, do we not? We drive the same way to the grocery store and even shop at the same store and walk the same pattern. Does this not create a debt of repetition? So what if we stop repeating the pattern, do we then halt the debt?

What is the emotion we always move towards when there is change? Do we move to anxiety or do we allow the great river of life to reveal to us that we should move with no resistance. And if we stop repeating the same patterns, those same energies and routines then is that in itself the stopping of the debt for we have arrived at the place of belieiving to trust in our self so we stop the patterns.

Think on it. What patterns or emotions are you ready to let go of? You know Spirit only brings to us opportunities to succeed so why repeat old things that no longer serve a purpose? We stay in relationships, any relationship; the relationship to another, to a job, to co-workers, emotions, etc. yet if we say No, change our perspective and reshape our life then we have allowed our spirit light to grow as we release karmic debt from within ourselves as well as within the delicate web of life.

Shall we remember to hold hands and stick together for this in itself creates harmony, yes? Today I send you harmony of thought to release the old and engage the new for Sprit always has a net to catch us if we fall; yet within the falling, the letting go is the reward of new energy and refreshing spirit and that is when heaven finds its way upon the back of earth once again.

Peace be to you this day~