The Web We Weave

The intensity of the storm called me to witness the energy. As I walked the Redwoods were swaying, the creek roaring and the ocean crashing. I simply had to walk amongst the power of it all. I sang my power song and smiled as my hair danced upon the winds of change once again.

Suddenly the storm stopped as quickly as it began. As I strolled along the ocean my totem Red Tail Hawk captured my attention. Her wings were outspread as invisible winds took her higher into new realms of all knowing. I cried as I witnessed her freedom to rie above and be unaffected by it all.

Then Spider Woman's web caught my attention as rainbow prisms glistned from her silk tapestry. I saw how we too create our world with the web we weave and that if we no longer like the web, we can simply weave it anew.

Weave into your life all things that serve a purpose and when that purpose has served itself, weave your web once again for in so doing you release the old and engage the alchemy of creation. You are the Creator of your world.