Such a word transformation. Yet our skin transforms, our cells, our bodies and the way we see ourselves in the world. We just moved through a Super Moon and there is another one coming marking three we've had this year. With our proximity to the moon in our earth orbit the galaxy transforms its position. With the earth in constant forward motion we see that we too need to move, take flight and create the world of our joy.

To create our joy do we not have to transform our perspective? And what is perspective if not being open to change. Change is our only constant as the Super Moon now exudes its brilliance only to wane anew again. Motion. Action. Change.

As we move along the path of life we too transform how we see our self as well as what we do in this world. What we do defines who we are. How we do it exudes our unique character. When we come to the cross roads in our life purpose we simply turn left or right. Do not over think, just move for that transforms your mind to open to the magic of your spirit heart.

Letting go of another's actions takes courage filled with grace. Not blaming but allowing free will to be just that, to rise above means you let go of antoher's actions to bathe in the bliss of your spirit and feel your energy not that taken on of another's. Yet in our nature we want to belong, be a part and find our tribe. So we begin the journey of looking around only to find we must begin within.

Transformation is west on the great medicine wheel of life. As you sit in the power of transformation don't forget to gaze east and receive illumination for what you transform this day.

Many blessings

Susan Menanno