Opening to Release ~

Energy of the August 10th Super Moon is still with us. I am finding much has come up for me which is good. The more I open to release the more there is to release. I see this process as forever ongoing, don't you? So it has taken me tremendous strength to stay in cahoots with inner peace. If somone does something I don't like I have to find my center and not get distracted. If something is said that is offensive I must dive deep to find healing for myself as well as those involved. Meditation has been helpful yet with the fullness of energy transforming through our moon staying in balance is a true art of awareness to maintain.

Thus I find dancing helpful. Riding my bike in nature. Listening to the water even if it is just water from the sink the sound is peaceful and relaxing. Filling the bathtub with bubbles and essential oils rests my soul and enlivens my spirit.

Take from this powerful time what you can while leaving the rest behind. Seek the magic of life with each breath. I say this to you yet I am saying it myself, perhaps even shouting to myself to stay in my center, breathe, laugh and of course love.

May the waters be your healing ally. Drink lots of water this day to release what the moon is bringing up. Run and sweat to purge your body each day. Give praise to all those around you and make them feel good about who they are. Create peace within and then find it within your world and all that you do.

Happy Healing and Releasing and Growthing with this Super Moon.

Susan Menanno