Holy Manifestations ~

I awoke within my dream. All things had merged into one and I felt a most inner peace that I had never known. I saw between the cracks in the world and gazed upon new worlds of joy. I envisioned this joy spreading itself through Gaia and beyond. The serenity was blissful and I wanted to stay here forever. The dream held me in trance and I felt transformed as greater energy filled my soul self. I gazed through a tunnel and saw the Light then felt it within. A beautiful golden orb drifted through me. I fell back to sleep only to awaken again. This time the dream was dreaming me so I enjoyed the beauty unfolding. Today I ask what is a dream and who dreams it? If life is but a dream shall we dream harmony through our hearts and out into the world through the cracks and into the universal eye of love? Through the eye of love grace will greet us and annoint us with peace.

This weekend I am offering Innocent Spirit ~ Soul Readings for Transformation. You can send me two questions or be open to receive. We can connect on the phone for 20 minutes. I am requesting a love donation sliding scale of $25-$45 yet I am also open to receive whatever you can exchange. Might we transform our perspective of this world and find the eye of love?