Innocent Spirit


An excerpt from my book Spirit Walker ~

Grandmother: "The dream is the Dreamer, You. What did you hear on your walk today?"

Well, it was magical Grandmother. First I saw the Alpha Deer then I did, I heard their ears come up. I only saw three of the herd but I felt all of them and I told them with my heart not to move. Then I felt their gaze and I also felt them not trusting me but I kept walking and slid my eyes to the side to see what they were doing. They moved without sound and I tried to do the same. Then I smiled and I felt them smile back. I continued walking up the ridge to my favorite spot and did my passages then I felt my body smile so I ran back. The deer were gone but the doves guided me because I heard them too.

Grandmother: "This is good. And what more did you feel?"

That was all I told her.

"No, there was more. What more did you feel?"

At one point I felt I could fly. As I ran down from the ridge I spread my arms open and my heart smiled and my soul smiled and my head tingled and I ran faster like if I could move just a bit faster I would fly I told her.

"Well Granddaughter this is a dream so why didn't you fly? What holds you from your joy? What keeps you from your power? But do not fret Granddaughter there is more for you to know and more for you to feel. Come, lets get to the Sweat Lodge."

I thought we already did the Sweat?

"This is good for you are dreaming and we are in the Lodge. Eagle Eyes just brought in more stones and you just completed one cycle. There are four more cycles for you to move through."

All I could do was smile. This is what I'd been waiting for.

Susan Menanno