Shape Shifting your world

I awoke to stillness and such inner peace. Yet I was being called home. So I gathered my gear, filled my water bottles and drove up to the trailhead. Again the silence was surreal. Hardly a bird sang. The forest was still, not even a breeze. The ridgetop was hot yet there were still some Indian Paintbrush in bloom dotting the parched landscape. I summited the crest only to walk down a rocky ridgeline and there I found and remembered my power spot. An amazing circle of stones awaited my prayers only to offer me a healing. I found I was shape shifting my perspective and in so doing my entire world view changed. My energy renewed as the sun bathed my skin in divine light.

The view to Mt Shasta is amzing as the Klamath River dances through my village site. Hawk screeched and pulled my attention skyward. I watched her dance on warm wind currents as the sun began to set. The forest came to life and the colors blessed the land with pastel grace.

I decided I needed to spend the night in the circle of stones, so I did. The star show was amazing as I felt the Milky Way guide my attention into the universe and beyond. I didn't sleep for there was no need. I was gaining the medicine I needed just by gazing into the night sky.

May the simple wonders of the universe fill your heart and soul.