Labor of Love


And so it is the first day of September. August's Super Moon shone brightly upon earth so we could see our reflection of beauty as well as see what more we need to release and expand into. I see this time as a labor of love. All our emotional energetics surfaced so we could find greater clarity in who we are. If we looked the other way well Spirit still placed people and incidents upon our path so we could have a deep look into our soul.

Howl at the moon as she now waxes full again. Howling releases pent up energy. You don't even need to know what that energy is; just howl it through you for mother earth will transmute for you. Find your eagle wings to now take flight. Who are you this day? The inquity has been imparted and all is forgiven. Dig deep and find the true gems of your soul. Seek love in all things and love shall surround you. If you fall out of harmony with love it is simply another labor of energy passing through you. Let it go. For if you cling your world will not transform. When you transform you find your innocent spirit again. Trust in your innocence for that is the labor of life so you find love in all things at all times.

Climb the mountain of your joy and spread the horizon of your peace for all to feel. Labor through what no longer serves you a purpose to weave the tapestry of your spirit alive with love. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Susan Menanno

September 1, 2014