Walk in Beauty


The seasons are slowly changing. I am witnessing the trees as the drop their leaves and change their color. It's subtle but it's happening. The days are getting shorter and mornings are cooler. Tis a wonderful time of the year as it is the time of balance. Equinox is September 23. Our moon is waxing to full as she is half way there now and come Equinox she will be at half once again. Tis a miracle the wonders of this universe, yes?

Take my hand and let us walk to the edge of time. Here release all your worry and allow the waters of time to quench your soul and enliven your spirit.

For the week of September 2-9 I continue to offer Innocent Spirit ~ Soul Readings for Balance. Let go of all things that no longer serve a purpose for you and open to new energy and feel the gift of who you are.

I shall guide you through an immersion of your soul self. Let us feel the beauty of spirit within as I channel what your soul wants to remember and embody. I am requesting a sliding scale of $25-$45 for 20 minutes on the phone or two questions over email. Wax into the fullness of who you are for therein is the balance needed to live in harmony.

Blessings to You this Day ~

Susan Menanno