At the Forks of Life ~

Ah, Life. We all made an agreement to be here, yes we did. Now here we wonder what more, why and just what is life anyway? We move through transitions as we grow and muture. We feel our energy in others and create relationships and some last while others leave our path. We wonder what it's all about. Yet if you truly look at the path you've walked, each person in it has made you who you are this day, have they not?

Life is for living in harmony with who we are. If we take on the energy of another's thought then we diminish our own Light. Rising above seems difficult at times yet we always find our courage to walk forward.

Yet while walking forward we still reach another fork in the path. And that is good. For now we have even more choices so chose Self-Love. Forgive others and find your inner peace. Stay in cahoots with your peace for therein the actions of others will not move you out of your center of grace. Yet if moved out of the center of grace, don't run into fear, run into Love. Love vanquishes fear and then fear will no longer be upon your path for you've kicked that fork away from your path and now harmony finds its way.

Power is living your truth and your truth is found in nature and your experiences upon the back of earth. You wanted to be here now here you are. Pick up the scepter of your joy and offer it to all whom cross your path of life.

Peace be to Thee ~

Susan Menanno