Ah, the power of the old-growth forest. It dazzles the heart as it touches the soul with the grand mystery of all things. We created yet another Medicine Wheel along the bluff above the Sandy River. Stones spoke to us to gather so gather them we did. To the north are the white stones reminding us of our inner wisdom. To the south are the red stones exuding our spiritual innocence. To the west are the black stones for transformation. And to the east are the yellow stones for illumination. As I sat in the center of the circle of stones I was touched by the grace of Spirit. Tears fell as I smiled with joy at the depth of true peaceful energy. That I agreed to step into being of service all my shamanic teachings took place in the wilderness on the high ridges, within the deep valleys; upon the mountaintops and communing with the rivers, lakes, springs and creeks. Bear, Wolf and Eagle are strong totems. But just to sit and be still with the simple things of rocks, feathers, bones, fire and silence are the true gifts I give to you this day. Take time to be alone. Go into the wilderness of your soul. Receive the gifts, the real gifts of mother earth and father sky. Blessed Be your life journey.