The Sacred Tree of Life People

I sat in silence with my back next to a powerful tree. My root chakras grounded into earth and there I sang my song of love. The silence saturated my soul as my spirit took flight. Eagle Eyes flew overhead and captured my total attention. Thus I followed him and yet I was still sitting with my back against the tree of life, or was I or was I walking in two worlds? "Get out of your head" said Eagle Eyes and I automatically felt my arms spread as my feathers rushed with the wind. We flew through the hoops of time into other worlds. Yet I saw myself communing with the tree of life. Confused I did acknowledge that I was in two dimensions as the tree grounded me so I could take flight. Such a delightful and empowering experience; may it grace and bless your day to know you too can and are walking in two worlds. Awaken to your soul so that your spirit can take flight yet keep you grounded within this natural world. For therein is how we create harmony for all life. May your day be full of earthly delights.