Full Moon and Planetary Alignment

Happy Full Moon to you. This is the first full moon of our new year. It has brought along with it five planets all aligning with the moon. You can view this at sunrise as that is the best time to also align your chakra's with the planets and the infinite all that is. Mercury continues being retrograde through January 25th so we are nearly through it's transmissions. If you are tired, you are not alone. If you have a stiff neck or swollen belly; again you are not along. Allow it all to surface. Get a massage or take a hot bath but nurture your intentions right now. Allow your projects to come to the surface of your mind but await until February to bring them into manifestation. Allow this new energy to gentely grace you. Breathe as deep as you can and remember to drink water. It's all for the good so greater harmony finds its way within your soul and then within your world to become all of what is within the universe. We are collectively ushering in this new energy. Thus let's hold hands, stick together and support one another in our wildest dreams. Are you dreaming? Now is the time.