Be still my sacred heart. It's time to take flight and move into action once again. I've lived life on the road going where Spirit guides for over four years. My husband, the WaySeer and I, Sweet Grass commune to receive to move forth with a song and a prayer doing the good work of being of service. Alas we've landed for four months, put down roots but now it's time to harvest and it's time to ride. The Infinity Pony is being packed. Bikes are getting loaded and the time is ripe to follow the sun northwesterly. Heading towads a mysterious lake along the ocean of time. Will arrive within a week or so depending what Source says and how we are guided. Tears always flow for me when we move for I connect with the land, the water, always the sky and the communities of life. I'll do it all again once landed. And for now I count my blessings staying grounded with change on the wind. I remember my Eagle and Wolf totems for they always move with the wind with no thought; only action. I abide by their gifts and the Great Mystery. Today I send my abundant prayers into the Universal All That Is. Aho.