Awakening within My Dreams ~

With the Snow Moon full this day so too have my dreams and visioins waxed to a new peak of awareness. My dreams more then vivid as I walk in two worlds but bring aspects of each world into my waking days. Yet what is the dreamtime? Is it here and now as you read this? Is it another world of another spiritual time of our soul self? I ponder these things as I walk through the mysteries of life. Yet as I walk what I dreamed appears either through the landscape or through the people I was dreaming of as now I dream with you. The Ascended Ones are aligning me for something. Perhaps it is my own ascension home. I'm seeing my ancestors on the other side like they guide me upon this side of things. They greet me in my dreams and yet they also greet me in the here and now; perhaps the face of the body they wear is different but the energy is still the same. So I wax with this Moon. She blazed golden beams across the lake last night. The Eagle sang and so too did Owl. The forest came to life with the twilight and my dreams took me to other places only to take my place in the here and now. Aho.