Walking the Matrix of Time

The energy of this Full Moon called me out; out of my mind and out of my house which thus became an out of my body experience. What does it mean to leave the body; to consciously leave the body? It's as simple to do yet with too much thinking it is difficult at best to comprehend. Yet with the golden rays over the lake it was as though Luna set a golden path in front of me to walk upon. So I did, I did walk on water. As I did I gazed down at earth but I also gazed into and through the Great Mystery. All was annointed with Love and Peace and such a quietude of Grace. I felt light, so very light leaving the emotional void of my body and stepping, fully stepping into my Light Body. I give Thanks for the experience. Yet it is more then an experience; I witnessed my Soul Essence which truly is vast and oh so limitless. The lesson is to hold this energy awakened in my heart to move the matrix of my mind to achieve the alchemy of my soul. Aho ~