Taking the Leap of Fate ~

My dreams so very vivid as I am consciously aware of being in the dream as well as having my dreams find me during my waking hours. I am dazzled at this Leap of Fate my soul has taken. My returning dreams are now making sense as I can re-enter each dream each night and once there the dream continues or repeats; however I'd like to guide it. Thus I stood on the red rock mesa and felt my soul take flight. It was a Leap of Fate but I took it and once I did I felt my arms extend with red feathers of Hawk Medicine. I took flight through time into my dream to return to this moment of Taking a Leap this year with faith regarding fate. Take flight for the view is supreme as you will feel the magnitude of your soul soaring to renewed heights of spiritual awareness. Aho.

Art of Charles Frizzell.