A Mandala of Hope

What is the mandala you create with your thoughts? You know there are worlds within worlds and dimensions beyond dimensions. Our power grid, the chakra system correlates within it all. As I ponder the mysteries of life the mandala of my hope arises on the apex of time. As I sit for hours coloring manadala's time passes but so too do all of my thoughts as I become immersed within a mandala of meditative hope. Each circle creates a matrix within my power grid. Each color opens my chakras and a renewed energy filters through just by connecting the matrix of my spirit to the power of my soul through the mandala of designing my new world perspective. Make time to do the simple things of life. Find your favorite colors and get a coloring book of mandala's and remind yourself of the silence of your power as your spirit lights up and your soul takes flight and new wonders create your inner peace.