Celestial Influences

Tis another incredible time within the planetary grid. An eclipse is arriving. Yes we did just have a solar eclipse but now it's time for a lunar eclipse. This is when the sun, moon and earth all align. Couple that with a full moon and the time of equinox, the time of balance of day and night hours we begin to unwind and go within to seek the balance of body, mind and spirit. Seasonal changes remind us to change as well. Spring in my part of the globe is arriving; that time of illumination. As others it is the Fall and a time of transformation. Yet we all share in the equality of light. Move through the speres of time and retrieve your soul essence. Find your inner truth and live it. Be the passion you seek in the world. Align with your inner light and feel the glowing essence of the moon to walk this earth with joy and spread ripples of love through the universal grid out through the constallations of time and right back into the spirit of your heart. Walk in beauty. Breathe. Find your balance to be yourself and always remember: "to thine own self be true."