Waning with Luna ~

Seasons have changed as we found our balance with Equinox. Spring is here for me while Fall has arrived for others. Yet we all shared in a few sacred moments of twilight with the balance of day and night likened to creating a holy infinity symbol through time and space to connect our heart and souls. Luna was full during this potent time as well and she brought along a lunar eclipse. And now, ah the dust is settling but we still have planets aligning and going retro. What does this truly mean to us? We are of the Light and we cycle with the seasons through time on this holy planet we dwell on. Mother Earth is spinning so fast we don't even feel her but we see her ocean tides and begin to feel into all the many wonders of it all. We are Infinite. We are Limitless. We are more Vast then we truly can imagine but let us do expand to imagine infinite possibilies as we dance though life and rides the tides of change. Life is a most precious gift truly it is. We experience a wealth of emotions to hold fast to love to love who we are and all of our many expressions of love. Love heals, it does. Love can hurt but through love we grow and bloom open like the spring flowers. Spring reminds us of new beginnings as those in the Fall are reminded to let go of what no longer serves you. Look at the Tree People they are dropping leaves only so they can renew their energy through the seasons of hope and change. Find your balance and just like Luna do wax to your fullest potential to then wane and release to wax full again. Peace be to Thee ~