Gifts of the Sand and Sea ~

The ocean of time is such a gift for our soul. We ebb and flow with the ocean tides as energy comes in to flow back to be renewed to come in once again. The sound of crashing waves entices our spirit to take a walk and simply be free to flow. The power enlivens our soul as we are recharged with the gift of water. We resonate with water for we live upon this water planet and dwell in a body temple composed mostly of water. Get in water as you can. Feel yourself freely being upheld as the water embraces you, restores you and aligns within you greater fluidity of peace and joy. Drink water to quench your soul. Protect our sacred waters for we need them as does all life. I send you gifts of the sea as the clouds parted yesterday and a brilliant light portal opened and I walked on water as the light of the sun sustained my spirit. May you be blessed this day~