Chakra Energy

We are the Earth Star Children here on this planet remembering the divine is within us for we all are Divine Energy. As collectively we are a conduit of the heavens to earth we all walk together with a common notion of finding joy and happiness and sharing bliss with all.

We absorb energy through our bodies. While our body is fluid we tend to cling and hold on to emotional baggage from the past. Why? That is past energy so why carry it forth when you can clear and cleanse your aura and your chakra grid with your thoughts. You can also activate your powerful chakra grid to cleanse away the old and simply Be Still and Know I AM God, the Light of Love.

From Love we create our soul and wear a body. We find love through others only to find a deeper purpose of loving who we are to offer this divine gift to another. We truly are amazing beings of body, mind and soul. Together let us shine our energetic wisdom to each other so we rid negative energy and create a world of compassion. It all starts within you, your thoughts and what you offer to those around you. Offer love. Clear the past from your power centers and simply honor who you are so the web of life finds peace and harmony.

And it IS time for a spring cleanse. Last fall I also offered Charka Clearing and Aura Cleansing and it is time to do it again. Through May 21 I AM sliding the scale: $55-$77 for an hour connection over the phone or we can work through email as well.

Shine the Light of Love for it will be returned to you tenfold. Believe in your power and shine your inner wisdom so you aid a higher frequency to enter you and others as well as uplifting the potent energy of love upon the back of month earth.