Wishes Do Come True ~

Well May 22nd marked my 60th cycle around the sun. Such a journey it has been. For the last five years my husband Gino and I have lived full time in our motor home going where Spirit guides. We've seen wonders and beauty and even wondered about some of the places we were guided to. Yet all serves a purpose as we've done so many ascension ceremonies, laid circles of stones, hung tobacco bundles and have learned so much about living life.

As adventurous as it has been I AM calling forth more adventure of a solo trip. And that dream manifested as tomorrow I journey to Sedona, Arizona. Such a potent place of power. My desire is to sit among the red rock and commune with the Ancients. To be awestruck by the beauty. To have sun blazen my skin. To sit and simply Be Still and Breathe it all in. It shall be divine.

I will be holding holy communion so do visit me via my website. Let us partake of this divine vortex of wisdom and share Soul Readings while I AM there. As my energy elevates it will elevate yours as well. Join me in person or through the galaxy of time to know we can and will share the beauty of peaceful love. I await hearing from you today and through the week, yes, only one week but what a week it shall be so do join me and let us engage the alchemy of it all.