The Power of the Stones

Ah just back from a divine dream; that of visiting the desert, Hopi Land, Sedona, Arizona. The canyons full of power. The rocks aligned with the four corners. The Medicine of the Hopi all saturate my soul. I visited Ruins, Shaman Cave, Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. Also the Buddha Supta and the Chapel of the Holy Cross where my meditations went deep as I cried through smiles of delight. I charged my Medicine Bundle and took stones to various areas as well as I received stones which were gifted to me. For the week that I've been home I have been offering my "Throwing of the Stones" but do know folks that is an offering I always have. My stones are charged by earth, air, fire and water as well as the power of the All That Is.

Remember to place your intentions out there as they will manifest. Do remember to visit your intentions each day and keep sending your power around those intents. That is where the Universe aligns for and with you.

Create a Circle of Stones and sit in the center and receive the magic of earth medicine from the spirit of her soul. Know you are a divine part of all things. Do weave a web of grace within your circle of stones and feel, truly feel into the alchemy of it all.

May your day be blessed with good medicine, sheer beauty and the power of the soul of who you are.

Aho ~