Totem Animal Wisdom & Guidance

The sun was warm upon arising this day. Yet with all the rains the earth was humid as water evaporated and steam rose from all life. I set my intentions to take a walk in nature. Thus I followed the steep path yet each step had meaning and served a purpose to follow my heart. My heart began beating as sweat anointed my brow. I smiled within to feel my body doing what it naturally does. Yet I wanted to set a new record and make it to the top in record time so I drove myself forward. And I did, I did set a new record and yet Spirit had something more in mind for me. So I did my passages and stretched my being to her limits to smile within at my grand accomplishment. Yet this day was not about me nor my accomplishing anything. This day, that very moment was about me listening, listening from my spirit heart and not my competitive mind.

As then I heard the Hawk song yet I kept walking for after all I still had this record time in mind. But Hawk called again and again I just kept walking. So she swooped down upon me so I would get out of my own way, you know, get out of the head and fully engage the moment. With her swoop I did just that and yet why she really swooped was because, not known to me in that moment, but suddenly an Elk leaped forth and suddenly I was very present in the moment as I now realized Hawk wanted me to commune with Elk and in that instance I did; I communed with Hawk, Elk and all life making me smile and that record time, well it a moment in time all time stopped as the miracle of life fulfilled me and life served a renewed purpose of being present in the moment with each breath and each step we make.

Focus your intentions this day. And yet allow the day to show you the true miracle of what life is as a spirit dwelling upon the back of the learning planet, Mother Earth. You truly are a vital part of all things so partake of all things that dwell within your inner universe.