Celebration of Inspiration

Each day is a new beginning. Each breath brings vitality into the body to oxygenate the mind as well as the soul. Inhale deeply right now. Feel your angelic wings, your lungs expanding. Expand into your full self. Feel into the spirit of your soul. Feel the magnitude of who you are beyond what you think and feel this moment. Inhale again and again bring oxygen in as well as a focus upon what inspires you. Yes the world is crazy but that is why we are here to change the negative and charge up with the positive. This takes strength and determination yet there is a true celebration in bringing joy to where anger has been for too long.

Paradigm shifts take time; so hold your focus. We are all in this earth mother ship together and together as we shift within we send those positive rays of hope out into and through the world. Feel your aura right now. Feel your expansiveness. Feel the joy. Feel inspired about bringing greater joy into the world. Smile for that in itself elevates energy and expands into your aura and out into your world.

It's time to Celebrate Life. It's time to truly be sisters and brothers holding hands. It's time to follow our heart to shift energy and realign to calibrate anew. Money does not buy happiness so why look for money over being happy first? Be happy and the money will follow. But beyond money where is your inspiration and how are you sharing inspiration with the world?

I hope to inspire as many as I can. Perhaps it's a picture of where I've been. Or a picture of where I'd like to go. Maybe it's someone's artwork that inspires you or maybe it's a word or phrase or simply a common energy shared that as I inspire you, you inspire me and soon we won't need money; we will be trading our energy through love and experience and joy to celebrate a new paradigm of giving and receiving to receive to give again.

Walk in beauty this day and all days.

Breathe deeply your passion and share it with others.

Smile to know you are Loved.

Aho ~