Spreading Peace & Joy

Each day as I awaken I AM greeted by a choir of birds. Their songs are astoundingly beautiful. They begin singing prior to the sun rise. Yet they continue to sing until the sun is high in the sky; it is dazzling. Then all is silent for most of the day until just before sunset. I rejoice to live in this beautiful sanctuary.

Thus I attune with the natural wonders of the world. Yes I hear the river song from my office window. I gaze through the maple, fir, spruce and cedar forest. It is divine as well. I aspire to inspire you as I can when I can. Yet there still are those dark threads in my day; people opposing my work or not fully understanding the work of being of service. It defeats me to receive this energy and yet I all can do is send those dark shadows more light filled with love so we respect one another through our differences. For through our differences we can grow and open to compassion and understanding that what is best for you may not be the same for me and vise versa. And so it is. All I want is peace on earth. Wild places to roam. Friends to share and family to love. Let us celebrate life, shall we?

Yes there is a lot of darkness in the world. There is also lots of light within our world. Let us walk with the light fully charged in our heart and souls. Let us be compassionate to one another. Let us openly talk with the only purpose of fully listening. Let us share love so peace finds its way. Gaze through the worries of this world to know there is a better way and that better way begins within.

May you walk with an open heart.

May the sun shine brightly upon your soul.

May you offer the gifts of your spirit .

May you spread ripples of joy to all that greet you this day.

Selah ~