Life Lessons

Interesting times we are in and yet the universe continues on. I am speaking of the Perseid Meteor Showers. They begin in mid-to-late July and climax on August 11th. Yet they continue to pierce through the night sky through the entire month of August.

With so much going on in our internal landscape as well as within our shared world to gaze up at the sky and be dazzled is just what is needed. So do, get out there and allow your spirit to be dazzled by these light orbs for they are the orbs of light of your soul.

Have you been feeling out of sorts? You are not alone. I am communing with a lot of people that are having up to down emotions; moved to tears of confusion by the actions or lack thereof from others. Collectively we feel like we are walking on thin ice. Are we breathing? We can shift our perspective with our conscious attention on our breath So why clinch your jaw and fill your mind with doubt? Your soul knows only the light. Yet your spirit is very vulnerable because there is so much heavy energy; heartbreak, lies and pain. Yet remember there are more Light Workers on the planet then ever before. They are working as quickly as they can to shine light into the dark shadows of a wounded ego.

I just want there to be peace. This is heaven on earth so why do we treat each other so disrespectful. Honor your own life choices as you allow the choices of others to be honored. Together we can bring joy for this is the summer lodge; that place of our innocent soul. Go outside and play because you know laughter is the best medicine. Spread joy and do those random acts of kindness for that is contagious. A good deed does consciously generate itself through the web of life.

Honor yourself. Find your passion. Spread orbs of love across your heart and soul. The Perseid's remind us to release and shine our inner light no matter how dark it appears to be. For this is the darkest moment before the dawn and there's the light of love through the tunnel of darkness and it's You.

I send you an ocean full of abundance, love, peace and harmony.

"To Thine Own Self Be True."