The Holy Days ~

Ah, the Holy Days have arrived. I've not written a blog in several months so today I AM moved to share. Winter Solstice has come and with it the returning of the Light is upon us. This is a most precious place to me; this picture of Mt Shasta. It's a mountain I've always been attracted to as it is such a powerful vortex of wonder. I was guided here by my teacher to go, visit, drink of the spring waters and simply be still and know I AM God. Here is where the great mystery of myself began.

We all have an inner knowing. We simply know what we know. Books remind us of what we know. Strangers, friends and family can say something or nothing at all but they also reflect our own sense of knowing and wonder. Life is a gift that goes by with the blink of the cosmic eye. Each day through each breath sustains our life force. We exchange our life force automatically as well as intentionally.

With that shall we remember to hold hands and stick together? It really is the simple things in life that bring wonder into life. Tis the season of giving but each and everyday we have a chance to give a smile, a sentence of empowerment to another and a way to spread love through actions and words.

Giving a compliment is a compliment of the soul received. Each day I strive to make another smile. For if you smile then I smile and the ripples of laughter fill the air and the energy uplifts. For just this moment, SMILE ... do you feel your energy elevate with that simple act?

Simple acts of kindness make the world go around. As we close one year we open to another. As we close our eyes at night we move into the dream time. We bring those dreams into this time and we remember just how vast, infinite and limitless we are.

Everyday is a holy day, yes? Everyday we have the opportunity to share joy, love and smiles. Smile within to feel the universe smiling with you. Share joy with all and together we all feel loved. Truly it is the simple gifts that we share that make life the wonder that it is.

Smile with me and together let us bring joy to the world by one simple act of kindness.

Blessings to You ~