Seasonal Changes of Life ~

It's wonderful walking the path of life and witnessing changes in life as reflected by the changes of seasons that Earth Mother offers to us.

Spring is here as Equinox blessed us March 20 with a half moon revealing the equal time of day and night. We are offered the Spring of New Beginnings as life opens on earth. Fall in the southern hemisphere now reveals that time of Transformation and Letting Go as life prepares for the Winter Lodge of Wisdom. As Spring moves onward here we shall entered the Lodge of Innocence and Illumination with the Summertime.

Whatever season you are within you know the spirit of your soul feels the changes to as we are so connected with earth change.

I've got Spring Fever. It's been a very long and wet winter here in Portland Oregon. I AM a sun worshiper but the rains have taught me much as I await long days of sun and fun in the wilderness to renew my soul with the wonder of it all.

Today I send you the wonderment and enchantment of life. May the seasonal change bring you that which you desire. Feed your dream visions to keep them pure as well as attract those visions to you. What you think is what you create in your world, this you know. So do heighten your awareness to what you are manifesting with your thoughts and bring new beginnings filled with transformation, wisdom and illumination into your heart and soul.