Awakening Within

Walking the path of life can feel challenging at times. Yet it is within the energy of what seems challenging that we find our personal power. Power comes when we align with our spirit. Reminding you always that we are a body, mind and soul and to access the spirit of our soul we must listen to the path of our thinking. You know that what we think is what we create and attract into our lives. So when energy of contemplation arises it is only because we called it forth. Our thoughts are our power. What we think holds energy. We have seven chakras or power and in our chakras is where our thoughts align. To clear those chakras regularly releases old pent up emotion so renewed energy of peace can filter in and that is when we release what feels challenging to us.

Yet within the challenges arrives our growth. Through growth we elevate our spirit. With an elevated spirit we continue to evolve our soul to remember we can walk on water, levitate and shape shift. What holds us back from believing in all the power of who we are.

Remember that truly all we needed to learn we did learn in kindergarden and is to hold hands and stick together. When we are together greater peace, love and harmony find their way. Through peace, love and harmony we find our awakened moments to share bliss with each other so we bring peace to the back of mother earth.

Give Praise this day for all that you are thankful for so then you shall receive the whispers of faith that your spirit awaits to bestow upon you.