Shape Shifting

Shape Shifting

It truly is incredible all of what we are capable of. Yet oftentimes we feel we must have a certain experience which only creates expectation over the art of doing. When I think of shape shifting it is true, we can bi-locate and be in other places all at the same time. It's true, we really have the capacity to do this.

We can also walk in other worlds and revisit the past or move into the future. We can also re-generate our cells and live as long as we so desire. The Masters have revealed many things to us through all time and through all cultures. To engage the vastness of who we are we must first believe in all that we can do.

It all starts within our sacred heart. For the heart knows all and it is the mind that gets in the way. Thus shape shifting also has to do with constantly shifting our perspective so we can believe in our infinite ability to do all things.

What is it in your world you seek to release and let go of? It can be a repeating thought which does then repeat within your world. Yet when you stay in the gift of your heart you can activate different areas of the mind which will allow you to walk on water and transport your soul to wherever you need to be.

We simply must believe in all of that which we are. I believe in the Great Mystery for I've seen it work wonders and I've seen my dream visions manifest and I do know that miracles happen each and everyday. As I hold the energy within that which I want to do activates within and within the world my soul moves freely.

Heighten your awareness to your thoughts. What you think is what you create in your world. Thus weed out old thinking and open to the infinite side of your spirit. Take flight and manifest all you desire for it is all there for you to have.