The Wonders of the Universe

I've always enjoyed watching the moon wax and wane to repeat each month and sometimes our moon even waxes full twice a month creating the name Once in a Blue Moon. Yet with summer here and the longer days Luna has been dazzling this month. She is full June 9th and there is once again incredible energy waxing with her.

Feel into the Universal All That Is that resides within you. Like the moon was are you waxing or manifesting into your fullness? And as you create that vibration in your life what is it you are consciously choosing to wane, to release? Each moment with every breath we have an opportunity to engage the alchemy of life and reach our ascension.

We are all of the Light and to the Light we shall all return. Yet it is that inner light that sustains us now that gives us unlimited ways to grow and evolve so we stop repeating and start engaging energy anew. Remember there are no mistakes and that all things are meant to be. With that in mind forgive all things and all people of whom you hold onto past energy. Release it for why carry it forward? You are really forgiving yourself so you can move forward and wax into the fullness of Self. Be true to yourself. We all can see things in any way we so desire so see good, love and peace filled with harmony. The world can feel challenging right now so don't allow it to disturb your inner world, your soul essence. Feel into the Spirit of your own Universe and therein do know you can walk on water, levitate, bilocate and regenerate your cells to renew your faith in the real power of who you are.

Together let's wax into the fullness of our spirit and raise the vibrations on earth so we feel our ascension here and now.

Aho ~