Crossroads of Life

This is a picture of our sacred Medicine Wheel atop the Siskiyou Crest. We overlook the Klamath River and Mt Shasta. The view is supreme and it reminds us that we can rise above any and all things that seem like blocks on the path of life.

We all reach the crossroads of life. Those crossroads could be a decision about work, relationship, travel or how to make the right decision. Yet all things serve a purpose, do they not? Truly we simply need to trust to do what we innately know is our power and our truth. We all tend place the needs of others before our own and while that is noble we always must remember that power, real power comes when we feed our soul that which it is thirsty for. Do what makes you feel good. Why look one way to go the other? Guide your energy to create that which makes you feel good. And know, do know the most important person in the equation of your life is You. It is called self-love.

Move around the sacred Medicine Wheel of life following the seasonal changes. Summer is for our innocent child to play. Fall is for letting go and transforming anew. Winter is that time of contemplation, hibernation and the place where we find our inner wisdom. And of course spring is that time of new beginnings. We cycle the wheel of life every 24 hours. Let go, rise above. And if you arrive at the crossroads of needing to make a decision; do not overthink it; just move your energy and guide your energy to create the outcome that makes you feel loved.