Staying Grounded in Times of Flux

Art of Charles Frizzell

Lammas was August 2nd. It is that point marking the halfway between Solstice and Equinox. The days are getting shorter in my part of the world as we move towards Fall. As they do the night sky is illuminated with Shooting Stars and the meteor showers are upon us. There have been many forest fires this year so with the triple digits it has been smokey. Yet the smoke has been making the waxing moon look like a golden orb just sitting on the horizon.

With this Full Moon on August 7th there is a partial eclipse which will make the shooting stars enhanced. Following the Full Moon on August 8th the Lion's Gateway Portal opens to and for you. It is a time to renew your intentions or set new ones forth. Utilize these gifts of the celestial realm to tickle your spirit and set your soul free to take flight amongst the Stars. Do get out under the night sky and witness the miracles taking place. This week ahead is full of mystery as the alchemy of our ascension can be obtained.

Also this month of the Lion we have that Solar Eclipse which is visible from Oregon where I live and many are flocking to observe this rare treat. We will have a full on eclipse and the day shall become night to become day once again. Let go of your inner darkness and allow the light to set you free. Follow your heart and do all things that make you feel good about who you are.

Stay grounded in the natural world. Drink more water than you are. Count your blessings and invoke your guides so your spirit can grow to new heights. Create a circle of stones and dwell within them. Place all your sacred objects there and allow Luna and Gaia to bless them, cleanse them as they aid you to fulfilling what your soul agreed to come here to do.