Dream Visions

Dreaming awake sometimes brings new alternatives into life. Each day that I walk up the mountain to say Thanks and offer healing prayers to the world energy engages me in renewed ways from Raven appearing right in front of me. To two bucks crossing and the sound of their hoofs captured my attention. To the Great Mystery of receiving a distant healing from a new soul sister that when the healing was received my two silver bracelets were taken from me. No kidding. Everywhere I looked they were not to be found until five days later...interesting....

There is a new pony in the pasture I walk by. He is small and all black and quite friendly. My dream vision last night I fell into a waterfall that took me into the womb of earth. As the fall crashed and took me through a dark tunnel I was completely protected and safe. Then Spirit pushed me back up to the ground and I walked away as though nothing happened. Yet just then Pony Medicine appeared and told me to jump on and we rode for hours until I awoke into the dream only to go back into it only to awaken again.

Follow the signs in your dreams for there are messages. Hold those messages in your mind's eye as well as your heart and soul. Awaken to all that serves a purpose for you and let go of all things that do not serve you.

Blessings to You today.