Eclipse Energy

August 25, 2017

 Well August 21, 2017 is/was a tremendous day. As I arise with the sun there was energy in the atmosphere that transported me into deep thought. Yet I didn't want to linger in thought as a miracle was about to take place. I quickly did my morning prayers, grabbed some kombucha and eclipse glasses and out the door I went. I was on a ridge and the view to Mt Hood and the open sky was amazing. I sat in peace as gentle winds blew. Suddenly all the birds began singing; it was surreal. Then they all stopped, even the gentle breeze ceased. I put my glasses on as the moon was just kissing over the face of the sun. I continued reminding myself just how fast the universe was moving and yet it took over two hours for the moon to enter, create the diamond and exit.


I gazed upwards for over two hours taking a few breaks. But when it all happened I had to put my sweater back on for it got quite cool and quite dark as I was on the path of totality. The stars came out and the breeze returned but the birds did not sing again until the eclipse was over. All life stood still. I imagined how people all over were gazing upwards to the light and it felt like a celestial miracle was taking place. And it was ...


Building up to it all I felt my energy eclipse within. Emotional, some. Clearing, very. Transforming, of course. I felt it all building as I witnessed a once in this life time miracle. Everything that I had been pushing aside arose and eclipsed to transmute and transform my perspective of myself.


Now I sit in silence with wonder. 


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