Breath of Life

Greetings ~

I have been contemplating much as the Universe is so Vast. To know that we have access to so much energy to create and manifest anything we so desire is dazzling. We attune through meditation and the Mother Nature, Father Sky or wherever the energy comes to us. Just imagine how limitless your soul truly is. For it is quite remarkable.

I have cycled back to reading St Germain. An Ascended One who was first introduced to me decades ago. I was so empowered by reading Unveiled Mysteries and have so many stories of places in the wilderness where I read and read again this book. Now I AM reading the Discourses and the radiation from them uplifts me while engaging my soul.

Another one to cycle back into my consciousness is Isis, our Beloved Goddess. Her symbols have been bringing me into ancient DNA memories as her energy awakens within me the time of Being within the underground chambers with the holy scrolls.

It all intertwines very nicely. Through these radiations my channel is uplifted. My journal full of mystic. My heart full of grace and my soul full of love overflowing.

Do make time each day to come within the Temple of your Sacred Heart; your stillness. Journey within more then once each day and feel yourself levitate. Journey within throughout the day and witness yourself move through the worlds of time. Do remember to journey back to this time, in this body and receive the holy mystery of it all for it IS all within you, through you and around you.

Be Still and Know ... Love, Hugs, Smiles and Blessings to You.

Susan Menanno