May You Be Happy

Greetings ~

I do hope this finds you well. It's been quite sometime since I posted a blog. Today I was moved to do so and talk of happiness. Are you doing all the things that make you happy? I ask myself this often. You know just a smile creates peace and joy in the heart, soul, through your aura and out into and through the Universe.

So let's smile right now ~

I find it truly is the simple things in life that bring joy. Just like Luna waking me up the last few nights as she exuded a brilliant light into my room. The entire forest was lit up from her glow so far away. Consider how far away that Moon really is. Also consider how far away the Stars are and yet we are treated to gaze upon them each night. This in itself makes me happy. This Universe is so surreal and we are but tiny grains of sand on the back of earth. Yet through the portal of our sand we can gaze through the galaxy and find intrigue and mystic. It's all a reflection of the depth of our Being.

Something as simple as a smile brings radiance into the body. As all we truly have are moments in time, making time to smile brings greater joy in you and through you for others to receive. This creates peace and joy and is received around the world just like those Constellations.

We truly are all connected. Yes, times they are crazy and we all seek change and peace and happiness and justice for all. Hence begin with a smile. Don't look for energy that dismisses your joy. Bring joy into the surface of another's mind so they receive peace and balance. This now brings harmony to all and for all sentient life.

Remember just how precious this life is and so too how precious this next breath is.

Breathe in ...

Smile ...

Release ....

May You Be Happy ~

With Love and Many Blessings

Susan Menanno