The Power Within

As I sit and witness the sun and the brilliant sky this day I begin to daydream. It's like an open eyed meditation. And yet the visions I see and feel take me to the depth of my soul. I AM intrigued by the sheer power we have to create our reality and all that we desire. The Masters remind me of the Infinite Possibility of All Things.

Can we regenerate our cells to live as long as we desire? I say yes. While I AM not exactly sure how to do this, it does all begin with a thought and feed that thought. The longer we live it is said that the happier we shall be.

Now that I AM a first time Grandmother the meaning of love has taken a whole new vibration. A soul so pure from Source energy and all she does is laugh. She laughs when she awakens each day and she laughs as she goes to sleep each evening. This in itself is an true example of power. What is power? Can we bilocate to different lives past and future? Does it matter if we can?

The power of our thoughts do create our perspective and our world. Yet power is not strength it is truly love. Love who you are and do what you love and your energy takes flight and soon you are walking on sunshine and remembering the true purity of who you are which brings joy, peace and happiness.

It truly is the small things of life that bring greater purpose to life. A warm cookie with tea on a rainy day. Or a long walk in the wild with nothing but the sound of the wind, the river and one's heart beat.

Open to the Infinite of who you are. It's easy. Don't be distracted by the media, any of it. Envision yourself high upon a mountain top. Reach for the sun, the moon and the stars. Feel your energy move and merge and become one with it because truly you already are.

Be that which brings you joy and joy is yours.

With Love and Many Blessings